Welcome to Learn!

The Learning Expertise and Research Network – short LEARN – is a group of scientists and practitioners who have an interest in cognitive learning processes and learning difficulties.

The primary aim of this network is to stimulate the exchange of actors in different fields (e.g. research, school, therapy, parents…) who are implied in  learning. Click here to see the LEARN-Video.

Through this webpage, we would like to stimulate this exchange by sharing comments or posts on the blog,  present new research findings, present news from the schools, post conference dates and press releases, inform about learning difficulties and how they can be taken care of in Luxembourg.

You can also download our newsletter (see page newsletter) in which we present some of our most relevant results in relation to learning and learning difficulties.

The BLOG should also function as an interactive and multilingual platform for exchange between different actors who are interested in children´s learning or learning processes more broadly. You will find the first posts on common interests, unfiltered by content.

Please feel free to interact in whatever language you feel comfortable.

The LEARN -Group


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