We proudly present you the new LEARN newsletter N°5


The  newsletter aims to communicate interesting research results from the view point of the cognitive sciences to the general public and stimulate the exchange of actors in different fields concerned with learning (e.g. research, school, therapy, parents…).

The fifth edition features:

  • Recent scientific findings of LEARN researchers focusing on fundamental cognitive processes implicated in learning such as reading, writing, calculation, but also working memory, executive functions, phonological awareness and basic number skills.
  • A special focus on intervention-studies.
  • The presentation of the SCRIPT  and  the Equipes multiprofessionnelles.
  • and much more..


Here you can find  the fifth edition of the LEARN newsletter in Luxembourgish: Learn2016- LU  or in French:  Learn2016 – FR

Feel free to leave your comments about the newsletter over here.

Happy reading.




Here you will find the previous newsletters.



2 responses to “Newsletter

  1. Very Informative Blog. This is useful information. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Cognitive science is a study of the mind and its processes. The amount of work you have shown is appreciable . Keep on doing this kind of work

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